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CSolution by Ferramenta Cioni is shop online professional power tools

After more than 50 years in the hardware businness, CSolution brings the experience gained at the service of companies and craftsmen to each of its users.

Csolution was created with the intention of making the best DIY brands available to its customers, at competitive prices.

Whether on the construction site or in the garage of your own home, professional equipment is a guarantee of safety and performance, allowing you to face work more peacefully and also to have fun!

Csolution boasts a trained and experienced technical staff, so as to offer its users the necessary solutions for their projects.

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Professional solutions for personal projects.

Power Tool Repair Service:

We carry out repairs for both items under warranty and out of warranty (purchased on Csolution)
  • The item must be accompanied by a receipt or invoice certifying the date of purchase
  • If the defect is not covered by the warranty, the customer will be notified by email with the cost of the repair
  • IMPORTANT: as required by law, if the tool, after reading the quote, the customer chooses not to repair it, it will be shipped disassembled and unassembled as sent to us
  • All the Freight costs are totally charged to the customer, as well as the responsibility during the journey
  • For warranty repairs, the customer can also use the nearest repair center
For tools not purchased from Csolution:
  • The above process will follow
Repair times will be mentioned in the quote

Professional power tools