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Hardware items by Ferramenta Cioni

The Cioni Brothers Romans and Franco Hardware shop was founded in 1964 as a trading company active in the sector of hardware items, specializing, hand in hand with the production development of the furniture area, in the selection and marketing of furniture handles.

Initially identified in the province of Pisa sufficient space for its expansion, it was around the beginning of the nineties that Cioni Bros. felt the need to broaden its horizons by facing the markets of the whole of Tuscany, Umbria, with immediate success. Marche and Abruzzo

A choice that proved to be fundamental, so much so that today the company is certainly one of the most modern and advanced structures in the sector. a commitment at the highest level which is reflected in the constant attention to every innovation expressed in the commercial field in which it operates and a continuously updated professionalism.

By tracing the guidelines of its approach to the market and concretely reiterating the path of specialization, also making use of the advantages offered by technology, Cioni Bros. has directed its business to customer service. Able to interpret the various commercial realities with extreme flexibility, the company possesses an articulated knowledge of the markets on which it operates and combines it with its fifty-year professionalism; the result of this integration can only offer the customer absolute reliability.

The last few years have been a succession of positive developments: in 2009, Cioni Hardware shop entered the window hardware market, establishing itself in the following years as the primary partner of every woodworking company in central Italy.

Today Ferramenta Cioni S.r.l. has numerous specialized employees and a consolidated and widespread sales network which now also includes CSolution, the E-commerce website created with the aim of exporting our experience and our service even outside Italy.

Hardware items