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Cutters for wood online sale

The wood cutter is the indispensable accessory for shaping and trimming wooden panels; there are various shapes of different diameters and shapes.

The choice must be made based on the shape that the panel must take, without forgetting to check the diameter of the shank supported by your milling machine

Roundover router bits CMT 738
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The smaller bearing on the CMT Beading bits makes a delicate inset at the base of the cut, giving you the advantage of an extra decorative option. BE SURE to keep the black bearing washer right side up to correspond with the bearing rotation when reassembling the bearing. Improper reassemb..
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Straight router bits CTM short series 712
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If you are looking to get the most out of your time and money through more efficient production, but want nothing less than a beautiful clean edge on your finished piece, then you definitely must include CMT straight bits in your collection.These razor-sharp, double-faced cutters perfectly synt..
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Cutters for wood